EZErgo Features

EZErgo is a fully featured ergonomic assessment system with multiple ergonomic tools integrated into the platform. Below are some of the key features of EZErgo which sets us apart from other solutions. Get in touch with a member of the EZErgo sales team to discuss how you can get started with our system and streamline the ergonomic assessment processes in your organisation.

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EZErgo is a practical and fully featured Ergonomic Assessment system.

Here’s why many organisations have already taken the step forward in using EZErgo

We have a useful video highlighting some of the powerful features of EZErgo, the tools available to use and how it all works together as one comprehensive system.

What Ergonomic tools are included in EZErgo?

EZErgo is designed so that users can easily create fully compliant and easy to understand ergonomic assessments and reports from any device connected to the internet including computers, tablets and phones.

EZErgo has released the following tools available to all users, with more ergonomic and safety tools on the development roadmap to be announced:


Manual Handling Assessment Charts

The MAC tool was developed to help the user identify high-risk workplace manual handling activities and can be used to assess the risks posed by lifting, carrying and team manual handling activities.


Rapid Assessment of Pushing & Pulling

The RAPP tool is designed to help assess the key risks in manual pushing and pulling operations involving whole-body effort, eg moving loaded trolleys or roll cages, or dragging, hauling, sliding or rolling loads.


Assessment of Repetitive Tasks

The Assessment of Repetitive Tasks is a tool designed to help assess repetitive tasks involving the upper limbs. It assesses some of the common risk factors in repetitive work that contribute to the development of upper limb disorders.


Rapid Entire Body Assessment

REBA is a tool designed for rapid assessment of the entire body to identify work-related ergonomic risks. A REBA assessment gives a quick and systematic assessment of both the upper and lower body


Visual Display Unit Assessment

Also known as DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessments, VDU assessments help identify any possible risks associated with incorrect use or setup of equipment at desk workstations.

What are the key benefits of using EZErgo?

EZErgo has been developed by leading ergonomists to ensure there is a real world benefit to use EZErgo for your ergonomic risk assessments. The system is designed to make the whole process much easier, quicker and intuitive.

Below are some of the many key benefits that people who use EZErgo are already experiencing:

Reduce time taken to complete ergonomic assessments by up to 90%

EZErgo is streamlined to allow you to complete an assessment in very little time. We have worked with top class ergonomists to determine a practical layout that makes sense for creating ergonomic assessments and making sure that sections appear in the correct order.

The system is setup so that users can complete assessments onsite and upload photos in a quick and simple manner there and then. No more need for taking notes for later or transcribing.

Complete comprehensive ergonomic assessments anywhere, anytime on a secure cloud based system

EZErgo is completely based securely in the cloud. That means that you can use the platform no matter where you are or time of day, as long as you have an internet connection.

Assessments can be created on any device including computers, phones and tablets without needing to install anything, and are saved to a secure repository of data for your organisation on our servers.

Find out if making changes to processes would improve your workplace with EZErgo Sandbox Mode

Take the guess work out of making ergonomic improvements. EZErgo Sandbox mode lets you easily calculate if making a particular change would improve the ergonomics of a task or process without having to create new assessments or purchase equipment.

Use fully compliant ergonomic assessment tools approved by the Health & Safety Authority (HSA)

All tools in the EZErgo platform were modelled from the Health & Safety Executive (UK) tools and approved by the Health & Safety Authority in Ireland. You can have confidence that you are carrying out assessments with tools that are fully compliant in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The built-in Action Tracker will help you to close out and keep track of risk reduction controls

Assign tasks to persons within your organisation, track the status of the task and set expected completion dates, to ensure that your risk reduction controls are implemented properly and in good time.

Compare assessments and tasks easily with our integrated comparison tool to help plan and identify good job rotation patterns.

EZErgo allows you to compare assessments and tasks so that you can plan job rotation better within your workplace and compare multiple tasks to each other from an ergonomic perspective.

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